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Important Management Strategies for this Work-At-Home Mom

This past year, my transcription business has begun to take off, and I’ve been faced with the challenges of running a business while trying to be the best mother possible to my three-year-old twins. I know there are many other women out there doing the same thing, since current statistics indicate an upsurge in stay-at-home moms becoming work-at-home moms (WAHMs).

Being a WAHM provides many rewards, such as the ability to be there for the first step, first word, bath time, story time, while allowing us to keep one foot in the grown-up world.

WAHMs have all kinds of roles: Head of Marketing, Accountant, Project Manager, Housekeeper, Event Planner, Teacher, Chef, Taxi Driver, and Disciplinarian. The list is never ending! So, I blog to you a series, Five Management Strategies for this Work-At-Home Mom: Family Management; Time Management; Stress Management; Business Management; and Self Management.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I will be posting an article each week relating to my experiences, my failures, and my successes in this journey. I am a strong believer that family comes first, so join me next week in Family Management. I hope that you decide to follow me as I explore ways and test the limits of being a successful Business Mom.