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Important Management Strategy #3: Stress Management

This is a high priority, considering the endless responsibilities and the time management skill needed, stress management should be at the top of the list for the WAHM. If there is a partner in the home, that person should bear responsibility and pitch in as needed. Remember the saying, “If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” Put your foot down, insist on help from your partner. If you haven’t started your business yet, get the ground rules in place early, and gently enforce them when necessary.

I first tried to start a transcription business in my early twenties. I was young, inexperienced, knew little about how to build a business, and lacked the discipline to follow through. It wasn’t a waste of time.  Failures expose cracks in the foundation and allow one to make the changes needed for a sounder structure. I think failures are tools to be used to build success.

The birth of my newborn twins initiated enormous change. Financially, daycare was not an option. An approximate 85% salary giveaway to someone to care for my children seemed ludicrous. I would stay home, we decided, and work a little on the side to make extra money.

I started small, transcribing for attorneys. Sleep deprivation limited my hours at first, but gradually I was able to increase hours. However, then I couldn’t handle it all myself, which led to the need for additional help. So I hired someone to help me. I had no intention of building a business. It came my way and I refused to turn it down. The time was right to start that business again. Today, I am more knowledgeable, disciplined and determined to succeed.

I am no expert at stress management. In fact, my patience has been tried to the limits more than once. I’ve thrown my hands up in resignation, but only for a little while. In the end, the dream of being a business mom always won out.

I knew that exercise would be a great stress reducer, but come on. What mother with small children has the time or energy to work out on a treadmill or bike? Hop on and off would be more like it. That wasn’t possible with the gym being a car trip down the road, and no ability to fit that into an already-busy day. Then I found an exercise program called Essentrics, which promotes a speedier body change through strengthening and stretching. It saved my life. Working out with just one of their eight-to-10-minute videos leaves my body and mind regenerated, and I feel totally relaxed.  Check it out for yourself @ www.essentrics.com. Maybe it can help you, too.  I know it gets me ready to start my day with my Business Management