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Important Management Strategy #2: Time Management

The old saying “not enough hours in the day” rang true for me from the beginning. It became difficult and at times impossible to put family first once I started my transcription business . My time-management challenges went off the charts. I could literally work through the night if I didn’t need sleep. Once the kids were tucked in, the computer would call my name until the wee hours of the morning… yawn! Of course, on nights like those, a ‘kid-call’ was also on the agenda; one or the other needed attention. Then, before I knew it, morning had arrived and it was time for diaper changing, breakfast, and a new day. The problem was that I wasn’t ready for it and had to drag myself out of bed. I was a walking zombie.

This was not working.

Yes, I am guilty of letting my child sleep in my bed. Never thought I’d say that, but double duty with twins drained every ounce of my energy. I figured if people could have six dachshunds in bed with them, I could have my children. With the kids in my bed, I slept. And sleep saved my sanity.

OK, so now I was a WAHM instead of a stay-at-home mom, and it turned out that was easier said than done. My days were unorganized, work was scattered, and I had to retrace my steps on more than one occasion to get my bearings straight. It was horrible! My family suffered, and my business would have surely failed if circumstances didn’t change. The time-management skills I had developed to raise my children now needed to be utilized to get my business in order.

I created a daily routine that remained the same on a day-to-day basis. Using my cell-phone calendar, I blocked out time, setting a loud reminder ring with each task. Keep in mind, I do check and respond to emails all day long; WAHMs have to master multitasking That is a must have skill.

I broke it down like this:

7:00-7:30:    Wake up – ME TIME

7:30-8:30:    Business/Emails /Organize and create daily task list

8:30-9:30:    Breakfast routine

9:30-11:00:  Back to Business

11:00-Noon: Matty & Ally Time

Noon-1:00:   Lunchtime

1:00-3:00:    Chore Time/Housekeeping/Bills/Errands to run

3:00-4:00:    Matty & Ally Time

4:00-5:00:    Back to Business

5:00-6:30:    Dinner Routine

6:30-7:30:    RELAX

7:30-8:30:    Bedtime routine: Bath/story time/good night

8:30-9:30:    Back to Business

9:30-11pm:   ME TIME (if I have priorities with work then it is back to business)

WAHMs know how quickly a day can turn sour. This daily routine is not set in stone; it is a map of the day that I try my best to follow, but coloring outside the lines is allowed. If we need to veer of the path for a little while, the GPS will reset itself.

With so much to do and so little time to do it, brings me to my next week’s post, Important Management Strategy #3: Stress Management.