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The Story of Damian: The Lonely Pumpkin

“Move it, Damian! You’re trespassing.”

“Not here, silly. You’re stepping on my toes!”

“Go away, Damian!”

Early in the morning, I hear the angry voices of my cousins ordering me to keep my veins away from them. But what can I do?  They always seem to spiral out of control.  Matt, the boy who has been watering me for the past few months has two legs, which allows him to be free from this tangled up mess my cousins and I found ourselves in. Oh there he is. It’s the only face I look forward to seeing.  He’d patted me on my head and even give me more water than the rest of them. He must of felt bad because I was different, my color was not the same, I was not the bright orange color my cousins where – maybe that’s why they hated me so – I was pale, I was alone, I was the only one of my kind. Matt would sit by my side and tell me stories of happy families and the great adventure I would soon take.

One day, we were awakened by two pairs of feet walking towards Jack, the strongest of all my cousins. They dug him out and off they went. The rest of the days I saw my cousins being adopted one by one by different families until I was the only one left. I couldn’t believe it! I’m supposed to be special. Why doesn’t anyone want me?

“Mommy! I found one!” I heard a child shouting. Before I knew it, I was tossed to the back of a truck. Vroom! Vroom! It goes. Fear slowly crept into me but I tried to be optimistic. Isn’t this what I was waiting for all my life? But I guess I was wrong. I was rolling everywhere, right, left. Ouch! I lost count of how many times I bumped my head. This is not what I had expected.

I must have fainted. I was now lying on a cold surface. There were so many faces staring down at me, but what made my hair jump is the blinding light on my right. I turned around and saw a dagger, the same one that cut off my toes. I tried to move away. But I couldn’t. Someone held me down. Please. Please don’t. I begged. They shaved off my head. My guts were torn from me. Please! I was crying so hard. I don’t want to die.


It must have been ages before I came to my senses. I thought I was in heaven. It was a different feeling. I’ve never felt this warm. My eyes are clearer than ever. I hear laughter. I see children running around. For the first time in my life, I had a smile. Even though I lost my toes, and my insides where cut out, I have never felt more beautiful. This must be what Matt was talking about. It is in this beautiful house filled with laughter and singing that I made a great realization.

I am HOME.

It’s an actual picture of the Family’s Halloween Pumpkin.  The kids picked out the pumpkin, I drew the face and my husband carved it out.  I think this is the best looking pumpkin my family has ever created.  We are so proud of it.  It deserved a story.