Preparing for the Holidays: Fall Clean Up

One-day last week, I was sitting outside with my kids. They were running around chasing one another and laughing; they were having fun.  It was a beautiful day, clear skies, brisk but comfortable.  I was, for a moment in time, to myself, and at peace while I enjoyed the scenery around me. My eyes followed the hawks swarming in a circle as they searched for prey.  They soared across my tree tops, and that’s when I noticed, very little leaves were left on the branches.  I then brought my eyes to the ground to find the other 90 percent scattered across our 1.25 acre of property, which is self maintained.

Like I said, it was merely a brief moment in time, because now, all I could think about was the fall clean up, and if we missed our yearly scheduled leaf pick up date.   Ladies, if you want your partner to help out in the house, it’s only fair that you get down and dirty and help out with the yard work. Little does my husband know, I have a chore for him next week; I need my kitchen cabinets cleared of the clutter and all dates checked so I am prepared for cooking.

Luckily, we have time for our leaf pickup. However, we should get the yard Prepared for the Holidays. This is our year to host, and a little tidying up of the yard is in order. This was the first year we could get the kids involved with clean up, which made it much easier for me to be involved.   We bought them each a toy rake, shovel and hoe, and put them to work.  They actually enjoyed helping out, but what they enjoyed more was making a mess out of the piles of leaves that took us hours to gather.  How do you get mad at the sound of their laughter? I couldn’t help but to jump into the pile of leaves and play along with them.  What can I say, they bring out the kid in me.