Important Management Strategy #5: Self Management

Last week I shared with you my experience with Business Management and what I found to be important. This week is my final post to the series, Important Management Strategies  for this Work-At-Home Mom

Last but not least, self awareness. There are times I feel like a forgotten pot, boiling over on the back burner. The energy evaporates and no water is left to cook the meal. When that happens, both home and business suffer.

Having to be on overload, constantly, I knew I needed to start taking better care of myself.  This is when I created the daily routine I mentioned in my post Time Management. One of the most important parts of that is “me time” in the morning and “me time” in the evening. My kids are adjusting to the idea beginning to understand that Mommy has to recharge her batteries, too. I’m hoping in time, “me time” can be more about me.  That was not enough, with all that has to be done, I need more energy to get through my day.  I was still missing something.

When I first started out, one of my first clients was Jonathan Bailor, author of The Calorie Myth. He also produces a podcast called SANE Show. My company transcribes those podcasts, and my entire team loves them. The subjects range from healthy eating to food myths and truths, and address many health issues such as diabetes, high cholesterol and obesity.

Those podcasts turned out to be the key.  It was not just the stress I was putting on myself that was depleting my energy but the food I was putting into my body that was making me feel sluggish.  These podcasts have helped many people on my team, and they are still changing my lifestyle. Though I am by no means perfect, I have begun to incorporate many of the healthy living myths an truths I have learned by just proofreading transcripts from this one client. I do feel different when I follow the SANE lifestyle when compared to old lifestyle habits. It has been a smack in the face, a wake-up-stupid, life-is-knocking-at-your-front-door difference.  If you need a change in your life, check out some of this guy’s websites: and/or

Also, check out his co-host, Carrie Brown, cookbook author, recipe developer, and food photographer for The SANE Solution / Calorie Myth

A tired you is not the best first impression. There is too much competition for a client’s business to allow that to happen. A well-rested, confident and engaging you will receive a much better reception. So rise and shine with feet planted firmly on the ground, a crazy but happy family life, and a home-based business plan worthy of making you a success!