I welcome you to Business Mom Chronicles and our circle of friends. If you’re not a mom, but have something to share, please don’t hesitate to speak up. I’m hoping our readership reaches near and far to those interested in the sharing of ideas, information, strategies and encouragement to help Work-at-Home Moms (WAHMs)

My goal with this site is to create a safe haven where WAHMs can come together and share their experiences.  It is also a place where WHAMs can encourage one another with useful, helpful suggestions, along with networking. I’m hoping that together, we can eliminate some of the obstacles that can hold us back. This can be done by sharing our successes, cheering each other on,  offering tips to help others plan ahead, and hopefully avoid unexpected stumbling blocks.

I look forward to meeting you, hearing your stories and engaging in conversation that can benefit a world-wide-web of mothers experiencing similar day-to-day activities, stresses and successes. Business Mom Chronicles offers a business-friendly atmosphere for those seeking to combine the pleasure of family with a stay-at-home working environment.